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Round Lake Heights Illinois Tax Sale leads include the following: All Round Lake Heights Tax Sales filed since October 2005. Round Lake Heights Tax Sales leads are a great tool for mortgage companies and investors who are interested in attempting to invest in property when the taxes are past due.

When someone does not pay their taxes in Round Lake Heights Illinois, they are sold at auction by the county that represents Round Lake Heights to investors. Once a two-year redemption period is up, the investor can file for a deed for the Round Lake Heights Illinois property. What makes these such great Round Lake Heights Tax Sale leads for mortgage and finance companies are, the purchasing party can re-finance them and help them save their Round Lake Heights Illinois property. You can find Round Lake Heights Tax Sales by clicking here.

The Round Lake Heights Tax Sale leads include: Property Owner, Property Address, Address of where Property Tax Bill is being sent, Amount of Taxes Owed, Year(s) of Round Lake Heights Illinois Taxes owed and Phone Number. All phone numbers on our Round Lake Heights Tax Sale leads are Do Not Compliant. Our Round Lake Heights Illinois database is very user friendly and contains many unique features including: allowing you to print labels right on line as well as doing a mail merge on line targeting Round Lake Heights Tax Sale leads.

Federal Tax Sales

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